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The 2019 football season will be the Bowie Bulldogs Ninth season in the Mid-Maryland Youth Football and Cheer League. This league is the largest and best organized league in the State of Maryland. We are proud of our past and more excited about our future. Our program offers:

  • Ages 5-14


  • Heads Up Certified Coaches

  • Concussion Certified Coaches

  • Certified Football Equipment

  • New Synthetic Turf Football Field (Three Additional Grass Practice Fields)

  • No Boundaries for Eligibility

  • Age / Weight Restrictions and Unlimited Divisions

  • High Quality Football Equipment

  • Experienced Coaches at All Levels (High School, College & NFL Experience) (USA Football & Heads-Up Certified)

  • MULTIple Skill Levels of Competition (Competitive & Developmental Divisions)

  • 7-10 Game Regular Season Schedule (Playoffs & Super Bowl for All Levels)


july 24 - first day of tackle football begins for all ages and teams

Aug 3 - CLUB Scrimmage (suBject to change)

Aug 10 - Club scrimmage (suBject to change)

Aug 17 - Club Scrimmage (suBject to change)

AUG 31 - MMYFCL Season Starts

Sep 7 - MMYFCL and SELECT ELITE CHAMpionship division (secd) Season Starts

Oct 26 - MMYFCL and secd Playoffs (1st Round)*

Nov 2 - Semi - Final Playoffs*

Nov 9 - MMYFCL SuperBowl*

Nov 16 - 1st Round All Pro State Tourney**

Nov 23 - Semi Final All Pro State Tourney**

nov 30 - All Pro State Championship**





Bowie Bulldogs One

The Bowie Bulldogs One provides an unlimited/select division under the Bowie Bulldogs Football Program. We use this platform to expose players to advanced competition, increased recruiting exposure, travel opportunities, and as the precursor to post season tournament and all-star opportunities.






Bowie one

Bowie provides an opportunity to compete in the Mid-Maryland Select Elite Championship Division. Both divisions are highly competitive and gives players the ability to showcase their skills. 

Mid-Maryland Champions

Mid-Maryland Champions

Bowie Football

The Bowie Bulldogs are the reigning 2016 Mid-Maryland Champions 

Building Champions

Building Champions

Bowie Football

We Focus on the Three I's



Crab Bowl - South Region


Our Team

3 Times MD Crab Bowl South Champions (2014-Present)


Come Out and Play for the reigning Three Time MD Crab Bowl Champions


Crab Bowl

Playing Competition from MD, VA, Pa, NJ, OH, and other surrounding states. Crab Bowl Pits the Elite of the elite on the same field vying for the coveted Crab bowl title

"We Play to Win The Game"

"We Play to Win The Game"

Come to where competition is a way of life

Many of our athletes are nominated to represent the MD Crab Bowl South Team. Our Program is a Direct Pipeline to All-Star Games throughout the East Coast and continental United States.


Team Maryland Metro (FBU)


We are FBU Team Maryland Metro

We are the newest FBU franchise in the nation and are proud to represent the Maryland Metropolitan Region and beyond (Pennsylvania, Delaware, etc.) in the 2019 Football University National Championships in Naples, FL. The 2019 FBU National Championship is set to roll south to sunny Naples, Florida this December!  The #PathToNaples begins December 7 at eight super regionals, and concludes in football paradise with the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals in Naples. Out of the 32 teams who are about to begin their journeys across 8 different regions of the USA, only 8 will advance to FBU Championship Week in Naples. These teams - eight from each bracket (6th, 7th and 8th grade) - will have the chance to prove that they are among the best in the tournament and be crowned National Champions.

FINALS TO BE HELD in naples florida (DECEMBER 15th-20th)

Safety of the athletes that participate in our tournament is paramount above and beyond all else: current age and grade rule ensures a level playing field and enhances safety. This rule addresses the number #1 concern from parents and coaches regarding the potential for older athletes playing against much younger athletes and vice versa. This goes against safety and establishing a level playing field for all athletes.
Unfortunately this rule will exclude a small # of aspiring and former National Championship players but improving the safety and equality of the National Championship tournament cannot be overlooked.

  • Eligible football players must be in either grade 6, 7, or 8 during the 2019-2020 school year.

  • All participating 6th-graders CANNOT turn 13 years-old before August 1, 2019; Mustbe born after 08/02/2003

  • All participating 7th-graders CANNOT turn 14 years-old before August 1, 2019; Mustbe born after 08/02/2002

  • All participating 8th-graders CANNOT turn 15 years-old before August 1, 2019; Mustbe born after 08/02/2001

  • Athletes can be associated with any youth football organization - private or national (Pop Warner, AYF, AAU, UYFL, etc.)


CONTACT: Team Director - Kevin Holmes (301-526-6733 or


Bowie One Logo.png

 Bowie Spring Tackle Football - Bowie ONE


Spring Tackle Football

For 2020 we have teams from the following regions: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore Metro, Central PA, Delaware, District of Columbia, Fairfax County, Frederick County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Prince William County, and Southern MD.

Try outs take place and teams begin to be formed during the month of March and April. 

After try outs and practices, the teams will be selected and season play begins in April 2019.  Regular Season runs from April - June, with playoffs and a championship game. 


Spring Football Practice

Spring Football Practice

Spring Football 2020

Spring Football was electric and provided another platform for our young athletes. 

Spring Football

Spring Football

Spring football 2020

Bowie will field 2 Spring Football teams-- 8th Grade Teams (Bowie One-DM) & 7th Grade Team.

Spring Football 2020

Spring Football 2020


Bowie 7 on 7 Passing

(6th - 10th Grades)

7v7 logo.png

7 on 7 Passing Teams

The Bowie Bulldogs will participate in a 7 on 7 passing league during the months of April and May. The 7 on 7 passing league is not tackle football but is designed to primarily focus on receiver and defensive skills. These are highly competitive teams and not designed for all newcomers (we have other alternatives for this type of player).

Workouts will include one weekend session (Saturday, time TBD) and one weekday session (day and time, TBD). We will place our kids in the Maryland Metro Football Alliance DMV Passing League to help measure their progress and expose them to different competition.

The cost to participate per player is $125.00. You will not be able to register until after the tryouts are complete.

Date and age criteria is as follows (subject to change):

Age Groups: 10-14 (must not turn the next age before July 31st)

******** Limited to 15 per Group ************                 

First Game:  April 27, 2018

If you are interested in participating please register at BBGC.COM under 7v7 Passing.

All inquiries can be sent via email to or to


High Level Competition

7 on 7 Leagues are one of the ways to help expose youth to potential High School Programs. Bowie has consistently fielded one of the most successful 7 on 7 teams in the area. Teams at all age levels have yielded success in each league they have participated in. We work to ensure that students are taught skills that will transfer into the fall league. With offensive and defensive similarities to what they will see in fall tackle. 

7v7+elite (1).jpg


Partnering with Oh Boy Sports, the Bowie Bulldogs participated in the Oh Boy Sports 7 on 7 passing league during the month of and May


Best of the Best

Our Passing Leagues look to put each child in front of potential High School Coaches, and College Scouts to increase recruiting & possible scholarship opportunities. Each youth athlete will receive instruction from High School and College level coaches to prepare athletes for what they will experience at the next level. 


Young Bulldogs Passing League


Young Bulldogs Passing League

We are very excited to introduce this is a new concept for our program.  We will have three age division:

  • 5/6
  • 7/8
  • 9/10

Practices will be one day per week with one game per week.  We will focus on both instruction and competition while slowly integrating age appropriate techniques and concepts revolving around offensive and defensive play.

The season will begin April 8th and conclude the weekend of May 20th.  The participation fee will be $75.  To sign up, please visit under Young Bulldogs Passing.


Equipment Surety Deposit. The deposit check of $400 is a surety deposit.  It is understood that BBGC will refund this deposit upon the return of the equipment in kind. If the equipment is not turned in when requested, a $25 LATE FEE WILL BE ASSESSED. All security deposits will be cashed on December 1, 2016 for equipment not returned.  BBGC will refund the difference between the replacement cost, late fee and deposit. In the event that none of the equipment is returned, you will be charged for the total replacement cost. 


As a convenience, the 5-piece integrated girdles will be sold for $30 at the time of registration. This equipment provides the player their hip, butt and thigh pads.  The program ONLY issues knees pads with the uniform.          

As a convenience, BBGC Football does offer practice jerseys and pants for sale (while supplies last).  These are typically old uniforms that the program has decided to no longer wear as game uniforms.  Prices range from $10-$25

I may be asked to pay to have my child’s name placed on the back of his/her jersey.  This is not a mandatory requirement; however, if one player elects not to participate the rest of the team is exempt from wearing names on their jerseys. (Approximate cost $6-$10).

I may be asked to contribute additional money to my child’s team to pay for homecoming food and refreshments.  This usually averages around $15-$20 range and occurs approximately the 3rd - 5th week of the season.  Participation is strongly encouraged and is a long-standing Bowie tradition.

I may be asked to pay for team socks. Typically, this fee average ($10-$15) but is not a mandatory requirement.


Registration cancellations must be received in writing. The form can be found in the documents section of the website and outlines the refund policy. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS GIVEN FOR ANY REASON AFTER AUG 1, 2016.

IMPORTANT: If you have not completed all of the required registration items, your child WILL NOT be allowed to participate.

Practice and Game Information

- These sessions leading up to the start of full contact season will focus on conditioning, football fundamentals and position-specific technique.

- Equipment distribution will begin July 8th.

- Practice pants and jersey are NOT provided by BBGC.

- Game pants and jersey(s) WILL be provided by BBGC.

- Players will NOT be allowed to participate until ALL the above registration requirements are complete.

- Practices can be up to (5) days per week between July 8th & Aug 28th.

- Practices are reduced to no more than (6) hours per week (typically (3) days after Aug 28th (start of PG County schools).

- Bowie Bulldogs Football limits full contact activities to no more than (2) hours per week to guard against concussions and injury.

- First regular season game is Sep 3rd. 

- Each player MUST provide a valid MD State ID (these ID's are required and no other form of identification is acceptable).  Please visit

 for details.


- Equipment will be handed out a few days prior to the start of summer training camp (June 8, 2014) or when you arrive to the field for your child's first day of practice.

- Prior to you being issued your equipment, all of the aforementioned steps must be complete. (Exception: MD State ID Cards are due no later than July 30, 2012). Once your child is registered, paid the sport fee and submitted the $400 security deposit check they will be issued the following equipment:

  • Helmet w/chin strap
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Knee(2)
  • Belt

- Towards the beginning of the regular season all players will be issued:

  • Game Pants
  • Game Jersey(s)

- All players are responsible for their own

  • Cleats
  • Mouth Piece
  • Practice Jersey
  • Practice Pants 
  • Girdle (We sell a 5-piece integrated girdle for $25)

* Mouth Pieces can be purchase from the football shed and/or Concession stand for $1.

** Uniforms not cleaned properly at equipment turn in will be charged a cleaning fee of $10.

**** All Payments and deposits will be made payable to: BBGC.

Bowie Bulldogs Elite (Unlimited, 6th- 8th Grade)